As a Composer, Music Producer and Content creator, I've seen a need for High Quality “Small Batch” or Boutique music that creators and music supervisors can access quickly that does NOT sound like all music that is currently available on Stock music sites and Music Libraries. Music with real emotional impact, created and played by real musicians. Something Different! I hope you will find music that moves you and will work well with your project. Feel free to contact me for custom music or Exclusive 360 Licensing. 
 Jonathan Cazenave is a music creator for film and multimedia.  All tracks on this site can be licensed by simply purchasing the track. This entitles you to a full use license royalty free. If you need an exclusive license or score - custom music-  The fastest way to contact me is to call and leave a VM or Text me with details. You will see the phone number on the page after you click the submit button below. I look forward to talking with you.- Jonathan