“Jonathan started thinking about Film Music as child while playing along with John Williams scores on his small air organ. (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Superman and Star Wars) Today; Tan Dun, Arvo Part, Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age to Bon Iver and LCD Soundsystem -All of these influences inform his work.  As you will hear though,  music written through his unique filter, produces music that sounds like no-one else.”  Jonathan Cazenave has been playing music from the time he was able to pick up a stick or guitar or piano. (yes, superhuman strength) Having spent time touring as a professional musician, the call of the studio, production and songwriting was heard and answered. Jonathan: "Having gown up in a musical family and then had the good fortune to have been mentored by some of the finest composers, this has put me in a unique position to do what I love; write music." From writing music for video games and film to producing metal bands, Jonathan has fine honed a skill set that comes only through doing and creating. He has been featured in Electronic Musician Magazine and won multiple awards for his film scores.  Clients include: Etsy, Soundcloud, The Scientists and Engineers of America, Waveform games, Giant 1, Things Occur in Nature, Triphon and many more. Contact Jonathan here  for custom music inquiries. (no extra charge for superhuman feats of strength)  

Jonathan Cazenave Music Creator

Music Creator Jonathan Cazenave